YoGambii Releases His Explosive New Single “Cuerno ‘E Chivo”

The talented Colombian rapper, poet, composer, and producer, YoGambii, is releasing “Cuerno ‘E Chivo,” his fifth single under Saban Music Group. The track is a powerful street tale faithful to his very own style.  

With each song YoGambii releases, we can see a bigger picture of what he offers as an artist and the strong concept that encompasses his music in the international Latin urban music scene.

“Cuerno ‘E Chivo” is connected to a series of street tale type of songs that began with his first release, “Por la Plata” (10/29/21), a gritty story about what it takes to make money from different perspectives—whether you are the one willing to give up everything for the sake of it, or the one who will use it to run the game.

“Cuerno ‘E Chivo” continues with the storyline of his previous singles, this time showing us a portrait of a street hustler who has made it. The lyrics are a statement about his ideals of success, power, friendship, and honor: “En mi mesa pasarán los que pasaron hambre… Todos los mios son reales, en las buenas y en las malas sin parar.”   The song is also accompanied by a video that visually narrates the song’s story. His audience had a glimpse of this new track in the last scene of his previous music video for “Bendecidos.”

Without any doubt, YoGambii is a fearless storyteller with his very own style of diverse musical elements (from hip hop, to corridos, to trap), and lets us know about the realities of street life through his lyrics, where good and evil are always intertwined. YoGambii thinks and creates out of the box. With his distinctive voice and musical versatility, he’s taking the Latin urban sounds to a new level.

Henry Guerra, a.k.a YoGambii, is a rapper, poet, composer, and producer on a mission to popularize a new culture in Latin American music today. The young Colombian artist is best known for his distinctive voice and musical versatility across pop and urban genres in Spanish and English.
Growing up in impoverished neighborhoods across the US, Puerto Rico, and Latin America, music played an integral role in YoGambii’s upbringing. Fed up with the streets and life in recidivism, YoGambii pursued music as a golden ticket out.
For years, YoGambii worked behind the scenes and collaborated with various top producers and writers to absorb every facet of the industry.
Over time, he encapsulated his distinctive flair as an artist by blending culturally diverse sounds with Hip Hop and Latin-inspired music. 

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YoGambii Releases His Explosive New Single “Cuerno ‘E Chivo”